Why promotional products work.

Corporate gift Siena bowl

Brand recognition, why promotional products work.

Don’t bypass promotional products – they are a powerful, affordable marketing tool. In addition to the high-tech reach of web marketing and social media, actually putting a physical gift into someone’s hands that they can use will keep your brand recognised and relevant in their mind. When you are considering investing a portion of your marketing budget into branded merchandise or promotional products, think about these characteristics that will make them really effective:

Brand, brand, brand:

promotional products generate brand awareness and exposure. You can choose a gift that relates to your enterprise itself or to a specific message you want your business to convey.

People Like Gifts:

unlike a flyer, banner ad on a website or a message, branded gifts have a physical presence and value. Promotional items are not thrown away, they are regarded as a gift. Their value and usefulness will keep them in your customers life… and that keeps your brand refreshed in their mind each time they see it. When you become part of a person’s daily life, you will be more connected to them than a competitor.

Creative relevance:

with a diverse selection of products to choose from, you have a great opportunity to get creative and find the right gift for the right person at the right price. You can work out a tagline that ties your business with the product and your client and work it into your larger marketing campaign.

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