Corporate gifting made super easy!


With Corporate gifting, staying top-of-mind with your clients (in a positive way) is important. You want to show your clients and partners that you appreciate them in a genuinely thoughtful way, not in a ‘here today gone tomorrow’ way. Whilst a £500 bottle of wine has an initial “wow factor”, once consumed, it is then forgotten. Bespoke engraved glass gifting is the perfect way to show appreciation and stay in your client’s life and therefore in their mind.

The best part? As gifter, you have the ability to ‘set it and forget it!’ Once we have your branding message, logo or any other appropriate artwork, you can commission with ease, all number of gifts with nothing more to consider than the recipient and the amount you wish to spend. A quick call to us and you will merely need to check the proof before we engrave and ship your gift, beautifully gift packed and with a gift note included. It is our mission to make Corporate gift giving easy.

If you have super important clients, prospects, or referral sources that you really want to impress beyond the normal gift card or box-of-the-month club, you might like to cast an eye over our range of Corporate personalised glassware:  We have a range of ideas for wonderful items that won’t break the bank, but will absolutely delight your clients when they receive them and continue to give them pleasure long after.

Think of us as a gift concierge, not only picking out the gift, but also personalising it, creating a gift note, gift packing/shipping it, and making it super easy to send amazing gifts, whether its for 2 people or 2000. We can keep a gifting diary for you so you never forget to mark that special occasion and don’t forget they make fabulous gifts for your personal gifting too. Maximum effect for minimum effort.