30 Years’ Experience

One of the country’s leading Engravers, Jojo has been engraving glass for over 25 years, starting her career in The International Crystal department in Harrods before going freelance when her first daughter was born in 1989.  Living in an idyllic part of the Hampshire countryside close to Winchester and rearing all manner of pets for her children, much of Jojo’s designs have an air of quintessential English charm about them. 

British field sport subjects such as Pheasants, Foxhounds, Fallow Deer  and Fishing flies are hugely popular and  Jojo has also created a great range of African animal designs inspired by her trips to Kenya.

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Jojo in Kenya

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Traditional Methods

Each piece of glass is handblown using the same traditional methods employed over 150 years ago, and each piece is then individually engraved, so no two pieces will be exactly the same. This unusual and eclectic range of glassware creates an atmosphere of relaxed and comfortable living, time to reflect on the finer things in life, good food, good wine and good company. Add a little sunshine or the glow of a fire, some fresh flowers, and you will have all the ingredients for happy memories. All the pieces mix and match to make an unusual and harmonious collection.

It was an apt chance of fate that two days before the photographers were due to come and shoot the glass for the website, seven guinea fowl chicks were hatched by one of Jojoʼs broody foster bantams!

Photographing glass is difficult, photographing glass with chicks is very difficult. Patience and perseverance were rewarded and a new business was hatched. It seemed appropriate to brand it with a guinea fowl!

Our thanks go to Packshot and F8Studio for their fabulous images and for their patience and professionalism. Thank you also to Creare who have developed our beautiful website.




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