Washing glass, just like Baby.


The best way to care for your Glassware is by hand washing as carefully as you would Baby. Great thing is glass does not squirm, nor does it cry if you are clumsy with the soap and it won’t demand you spend ages creating bubble beards.  Ideally wash your glass in hand hot water with Fairy or similar, use a non scratch sponge, rinse in hot water and if you have not got a kitchen helper standing ready to dry immediately, fill the glass with hot water and put on the draining board. Once all glasses are clean, take each glass, tip out the hot water and dry with a good quality Linen Union tea towel.  If you haven’t got one ask Jojo to send you one:Free, by emailing [email protected] leaving your email and telephone number.

If you are determined to wash your glass in the Dishwasher be sure to check your Salt and rinse aid levels regularly and wash on a cool cycle. Be careful how you stack, so the glasses do not rattle against one another, this is a job men are really good at.  If you are crazy smart a second dishwasher that is used only for glass is great.