See your design engraved


Storm lantern Your Art

Adorable design drawn by Mimi and Bella for engraving on to a Storm lantern for their Daddy’s 50th Birthday.



Child’s poem by Bee Griffith Aged 5yrs. engraved on a Storm lantern.

Bee is now a portrait painter! Visit her site here



2 lovely designs submitted by Emma Marsh for engraving around the top of Large Storm Lanterns.


Great design by Jemima which we engraved on a Tankard for her Daddy’s Birthday.

Inspiration designs for Clarissa

Two characterful designs for the Clarissa glass.

You don’t have to be a great artist, a simple design is good. Submit your design by filling in the form:

Send your artwork for engraving

Send a copy of your artwork for engraving, using a good quality black pen on white paper. Try not to smudge or crease the paper! We will let you know before you place your order if your drawing is suitable.
  • If you select to send a paper copy, please send unfolded in an A4 envelope to: Jojo Glass Design,Thatched Walls, Stoke, Andover, Hants, SP11 0NP
  • Here you can upload your file as a jpeg or pdf
  • Choose the Glass you would like to have your design engraved on or let us make a suggestion according to your design. If we need to do some work on your design there may be a small artwork fee, we will discuss this with you before we proceed.